Travel tips for Shanghai, the pearl of the Orient

Travel tips for Shanghai, the pearl of the Orient 

If you are planning to travel in China, Shanghai might be the best landing place.  It’s the 2nd largest city in china, the herb of world finance, and it’s lot of fun. You’ll experience the modernized, as well as the traditional oriental city.

Shanghai () means ‘the city above the sea’, and has earned the nickname “the pearl of the orient”.

Since certain districts used to be occupied by the Shanghai French concession, there are lots of buildings influenced by the European style.

China, the closest but furthest country from South Korea.  China and Japan are the closest counties in distance, but are separated from Korea by complicated, long historical narratives.

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is the most prominent in Shanghai, and faces Wai Tan across the Huangpu river.

When viewing the picture of this tower, doesn’t it remind of you the shape of a pearl?

This tower is a radio and TV tower.

When you go up to the tower, you can stand on the glass floor. 

If you are feeling adventurous, you can have your picture taken there.  

Personally, I’m just scared. 

                   < Welocome to Orinetal Pearl tower>

< Inside of Oriental Pearl Tower>

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Are you more interested in seeing traditional oriental Villages?

You’ll definitely love the Zhujiajiao water village.

It is located in a suburb about one hour outside of Shanghai, but it’s worth the visit.

With the introduction of a new subway line, it’s not too difficult for travelers to visit.

< Time table of subway for Zhujiajiao water village>

First go to Honguiao station, take the 17 line. Approximately 40 minutest later, you’ll arrive at Zhujiajiao Station.  

From there, you need to walk for 20 minutes, but there are tons of people heading there.

Zhujiajiao water village is known as the Venice of Shanghai. 

A lot of old beautiful Chinese houses line both sides of the river. 

You can visit Chinese markets, restaurants, ride a boat, drink tea, and watch people. 

You’ll feel like you traveled back hundred years in time. 

 Some of the old stone bridges were made several hundred years ago, Ming , Qing dynasty.

If you’re exploring something old, Zhujiajiao water village is a must-see.  It certainly is my favorite place in china.

< Why not take a boat?>

<Climb up the bridge>

<Drink some tea>

Yu Garden

Yu garden is the one of the representative Chinese gardens with a four hundred-year long history.

Have you ever visited gardens in China, Korea and Japan?

For me as a Korean, Chinese gardens are huge and splendid.  Japanese gardens are more curated with hand-crafted, while Korean gardens are more natural and leave some room for visitors to interpret.

Once you’re in Yu garden, there are tons of red buildings. You’ll immediately recognize how much Chinese love this color.

This garden has more than forty pavilions, ponds and bridges.

One of Ming dynasty’s public servant had this garden built to please his parents. Construction lasted for 18 years.

There is a big market surrounding Yu garden. You can do shopping and find some souvenirs.


<reminds of Korean gardens. Ponds with colorful fishes>

The Bund (Wai Tan)

Wai Tan means outside beach.

As the meaning implies, Wai tan is on one side of the beach, facing the Oriental Pearl tower. 

 Wai Tan is picked as the top tourist destination in Shanghai by Trip advisor. 

You must visit this place in day as well as night. 

You’ll be impressed by the Ski-line of Wai Tan, and also amazed by the starry night view.


Google map, Shanghai map

< Shanghai one day travel plan by google planner>

The map above is the map google suggests. When you’re googling the city name, google travel guide showed the day plan. 

You might already have your favorite website where you get travel tips.

However, the google travel guide is unbelievably organized and useful with the help with Google maps.

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