Top best hotels in Busan in Korea for summer vacation.

Top best hotels in Busan in Korea for summer vacation.

Do you have plans to visit Haeundae, Busan for your summer vacation, and want to stay luxurious hotels? Paradise hotel Busan and Westin Chosun will the best choice.


If you want to stay luxurious hotel in Haeundae, Busan, there are the top two choices.

I recommend two hotels; Paradise hotel Busan and Westin Chosun.

Maybe other modernized and lavish hotels could be alternative options, but none other could compete in location and general service.  


Paradise hotel is right in front of Haeundae beach, but one downside, there is no private beach section.

Most Korean hotels rarely have private beach section, so you might have to endure crowd beaches.

There is a pool and spa on top of the building, and the hotel hosts pool party at certain times. 

Next to the pool is a beautiful hot tub decorated with stones and flowers outside.


Have you ever tried going to a Korean sauna?

In Korea, we sauna in the nude. You can see the ocean through window.

Around the hotel, there are tons of street vendors selling fresh sea food.

You can order some sea food with Korean traditional sake, Soju.

The ocean room is more expensive, but its’ worth the price, especially with the terrace.

The city view is not quite as pleasing as the ocean view.


Westin Chosun is next to Dongbaek-seom (Island of Camellias)

Actually it’s not a real island, and it’s attached to the main land.

Westin Chosun is at the end of beach.

If you prefer quiet, it might be a better option, but still walking distance from the beach.


Dongbaekseom has beautiful hiking trails. The wood deck was built along a hiking trail, so it’s an easy trail, even for kids.

You’ll love the pine tree smell, sound of waves and the scenic trail.

The Japanese restaurant ‘Guromaz” is a good choice if you want to try something special.

The chef will cook Teppan dishes in front of you, do a small fire show.

Quality tastes are guaranteed, but there are only several seats available around the main cooking table. 

A reservation is really needed.


In the evening I’d recommend going the pub in 101 bay restaurant.

You can drink beer while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the bridge shining with light.

I hope you make a good memories in Busan. 

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